The latest arrivals from Studio D'Artisan

Studio D'Artisan coming correct with the latest heat, a culmination of nearly a year of tedious construction behind the scenes. This week’s arrivals is an onslaught of denim from the Osaka OGs, showcasing the brand's dedication to perpetual innovation.
Studio D'Artisan "Aishibuzome" Selvedge Jeans (Regular Straight)

Unlike regular indigo dyeing, “Aishibuzome" exhibits a profound and evolving color palette. With each wear, the rich tones of persimmon tannin deepen, creating a unique patina. This phenomenon is attributed to the tannin's property of polymerization over time. Notably, persimmon tannin is renowned for its potent antibacterial qualities and deodorizing effects, making it a substance rooted in tradition and functionality. Additionally, “Aishibuzome" embodies not just a color but a profound narrative. Studio D'Artisan, with its commitment to heritage and craftsmanship, presents these 15oz. jeans as a canvas that evolves with the wearer, telling a timeless story of tradition, craftsmanship, and the eternal beauty found in the simplicity of nature.

Studio D'Artisan "Aishibuzome" Selvedge Denim Work Shirt

If you loved the jeans, you're gonna flip for the "Aishibuzome" Work Shirt. Following the same vintage work shirt cues from their regular 14oz. denim version, this garment exhibits the same killer combo of Natural Indigo and Kakishibu dyes, making it a style statement. SDA have also adjusted the silhouette slightly to free up more room in the body and arms to embrace the move towards boxy silhouettes in this current era.

Studio D'Artisan "Crazy" Selvedge Jeans (Regular Straight)

The latest iteration of SDA's "Crazy" Selvedge Jeans is simply put, the brand's playful take on serious denim craftsmanship. These jeans bring a clash of Indigo hues with two different denim twills (Left and right-hand), giving off those cool vintage vibes from the '50s. The distressing process is expertly done to mimic the beautiful fades of timeless pieces archived by SDA at their Osaka HQ. So, if you're into denim that's as serious about style as it is about fun, these are a no-brainer.

Studio D'Artisan SD-808 Natural Indigo Selvedge Jeans (Relax Tapered)

Rounding off this week’s arrivals is the return of the SD-808 – Natural Indigo magic without breaking the bank. While top-of-the-line Natural Indigo Jeans come with a much higher price point. SDA manage to keep things digestible with this series by switching up the dyeing game for a rope-dyeing process for that uniform look. But don't worry, the unique fading experience of Natural Indigo jeans isn't going anywhere. Crafted by Tokushima-based Shokunin, these Relax Tapered jeans give you that sought-after Natural Indigo charm at a price that won't make your eyes water.

The new Studio D'Artisan items drop on 1/26 @ Midnight (JST)