The latest arrivals from Studio D'Artisan, Samurai and Momotaro

 This week we have a hefty Spring Summer 2024 drop from 3 of the heaviest hitters in Japan; Studio D'Artisan, Samurai, and Momotaro.

The only rain we want to see this season is from Studio D'Artisan's "Rain" series.

"Rain Kasuri" is renowned for its unique and intricate patterns that capture the essence of falling raindrops. It is created by using Kasuri threads only in the warp, allowing the weaver to craft irregular, broken straight lines that mimic the appearance of rain falling. The "Rain" Kasuri Selvedge Jacket is a 14oz. Type 2 design which features vintage looking black metal buttons, an original natural leather patch, and adjustable cinch back.

The Sashiko jacket is made from a lighter 13oz. Sashiko fabric with a more prominent rain pattern, snap front and wrist buttons, and custom indigo piping.

SDA also presents 2 featured styles with their "Tasogare" Twilight Jacquard Shirt and "Awa-Ai" Natural Indigo Baker Pants. The term "Tasogare'' represents the transition from daytime into dusk, where the sun gently sets, and darkness gradually takes over. The meticulous interplay of red, gray, black and indigo is showcased over the entirety of this shirt.

The "Awa-Ai" collection has been a favorite this year and with it taking over the popular looser cut of the straight silhouette baker pants, we can see this trend continuing. The pants are garment dyed in natural indigo which results in varying hues and no two pieces being identical. And with the military inspiration, the functional aspects include an adjustable waist, large front patch pockets, and double flap back pockets.

With a collection like this from SDA, anything else would usually be an afterthought but Samurai and Momotaro have some bangers of their own. Starting with the rough textured, one washed, 15oz. 100% Texan cotton S0520XX Selvedge jeans in a comfortable relaxed tapered cut. Texas cotton is renowned for its rough texture due to the high content of short fiber cotton. Rather than removing the short fibers to create a softer, smoother fabric as is the norm with producing using Texas cotton, Samurai adds even more short cotton fibers to ensure the yarn is as rough and irregular as possible.

Samurai also have 3 new tees on offer along with Samurai's Hyogo-grown organic cotton tees making their return - this time in the form of a polo shirt with matching nut buttons. Next we have the SJST24-105 Indigo Loopwheel Logo Print Tee, featuring a chest text print as well as a vintage inspired original "Ranji" back graphic print. Ranji designs were historically used on tea boxes being exported from the country, and contained a mix of Japanese ukiyoe and English script. As the tee is made from a loopwheel fabric, it is thick yet soft and breathable. Rounding off Samurai's offerings, we have the SJST24-106 Loopwheel tee in Navy and Olive which includes a large chest print.

And we aren't done yet! Momotaro finish off this week's drop with 2 short sleeved shirts. The first is a lightweight and airy 3.5oz, 60% cotton and 40% rayon aloha shirt with a playful white shuttle loom pattern over a navy base color. The Selvedge Chambray Work Shirt is a slimmer and slightly heavier weight compared to the aloha shirt. This is a classic design woven slowly on vintage power looms from the early Showa era. A real testament to craftsmanship!

The new items drop on 5/13 @ Midnight (JST)