The Momotaro 15th Anniversary "Broken Twill" Denim Shoulder Bag


The first of many drops to come for Momotaro's 15th Anniversary Collection, we are stoked to finally get the ball rolling with the first of their "Broken Twill" Denim items. Momotaro have pulled out all the stops for this shoulder bag, with a rare denim weave and premium touches to boot. Given the very small production run of this fabric, a very limited amount of these shoulder bags will be available online. 

What is Broken Twill Denim?

The Broken Twill weave is the result of taking one look at the weave rulebook before promptly chucking it out the window. When you look closely at conventional denim you typically see the diagonal direction which results from the type of weave structure of the fabric. Broken Twill alternates from left to right on every two warp ends, creating the elusive zig-zag twill that is apparent upon observing the flipside of the denim
Fun fact: Wrangler first developed this weave back in the 1960s, as a means to serve the function of minimizing the inevitable leg twist commonly seen on unsanforized denim.

Details for days

Not stopping at just the fabric, the Peach Boys have adorned this special edition shoulder bag with all the bells-and-whistles worthy of celebrating 15 years in the Japanese Denim game.
One subtle yet impressive change to the motif of Momotaro featured on the Natural leather patch caught our eye. Donning an 烏帽子 (Eboshi), these black-lacquered court caps were traditionally worn by boys as a rite of passage upon reaching their 15th birthday.
Gold GTB stripes and natural leather pull-tabs complete this piece.

The Momotaro 15th Anniversary "Broken Twill" Denim Shoulder Bag drops on 9/4 @ Midnight (JST)