The Momotaro "Ochazome" Type II Sashiko Jacket


Momotaro usher in 2022 with a fabric that embraces a cultural icon of Japan that is loved accross the globe. Japanese Green Tea, or お茶 (Ocha) in Japanese, is seldom seen as a dye that can be applied to fabrics. With a penache for the unconventional and production prowess, Momotaro have managed to defy the rules and produce a Sashiko fabric donning a stunning Beige/Chino hue, thanks to the Green Tea dye that the Peach Boys have freshly brewed for the New Year. Taking one of their classic Type II Jackets motifs, the combination with this fabric is simply killer.

The Momotaro Type II Sashiko Jacket

Entirely constructed and dyed in Okayama, this Sashiko fabric starts out as a natural hue, which is then garment dyed to achieve the rich Beige/Chino color it retains. Due to the tedious dyeing process, only a very limited production run of these jackets was able to be produced for 2022.
Featuring all of the typical bells and whistles of a Type II Jacket, Momotaro have modified this classic piece of Americana with the addition of hand-warmer pockets to swing it straight into the 21st century.
Complete with Momotaro's signature Kamon(Peach Crest) metal button opening, along with the eponymous Going to Battle painted white lines, this is one serious package you do not want to miss out on.
If that wasn't enough though, each jacket will ship with a pack of homegrown Green Tea from Okayama. Kick your feet up with a cup of this seriously tasty tea while you wear that jacket with pride!

The Momotaro "Ochazome" Type II Sashiko Jacket drops on 1/18 @ Midnight (JST)