The OD+PBJ 18oz. "Super Rough Kakishibu" Selvedge Jeans

Back with the pair that keeps on giving, the pre-orders are now all out of the way for our restock of the OD+PBJ Super Rough Kakishibu’s (SRKS’s), with our general release slated for 2/1 at Midnight. This latest run was produced with a leftover fabric margin from the first production, and with the factory that produced this coveted fabric not taking any new orders since last year, there is really no telling when or if we will ever be able to drop these again. Clocking in at a stealthy 18oz., the OD developed Kakishibu-dyed weft yarns on this "Super Rough" weave, will yield a variety of brown hued Nep yarns and knots that pop on the face of the jeans. The full collection will be available in PBJ's Relax Tapered (SRKS-019), Slim Tapered (SRKS-013) and Slim Straight (SRKS-005) cuts.

*Each pair will ship with custom tote bag and enamel pin.

**Due to the very limited production capability of this specific fabric, discount codes cannot be applied towards a purchase of this product.

SRKS-019 Relaxed Tapered

SRKS-013 Slim Tapered

SRKS-005 Slim Straight

The OD+PBJ 18oz. "Super Rough Kakishibu" Selvedge Jeans drop on 2/1 @ Midnight (JST)