Toyoda G3 Machine | Japan's first shuttle loom

June 05, 2018

In late 2017, we introduced the 'G3' series from SDA. They make look like many of the other SDA denim offerings, but knowing the back story makes that pair coveted.
The G3 series signifies jeans that are produced on a G3 shuttle loom, the very first Toyoda loom ever created to produced selvedge fabrics.
The age of the looms is of course mind-blowing, but the incredible part is with the resilience of denim producers and the technicians running these machines, these machines are still operating and outputting some incredible selvedge denim.
There is only one mill left in Okayama that has operational G3 looms, making the G3 Selvedge denim offering from SDA a rare breed amongst Japanese jeans.
New for F/W 2020, SDA have released the G3 Series Selvedge in their new "High Rise Tapered" cut. 
Similar to the OD original Tapered silhouette developed and used on the ODSDA003 "Matcha" denim, the High Rise Tapered SD-909 is an updated version of SDA's Relax Tapered cut. Featuring a lengthier front & back rise and a touch roomier thigh, the High Rise Tapered offers ample room in the top block while maintaining a clean, modern taper from the mid-thigh down. 

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