Unsanforized Denim | A shrinkage horror story

December 11, 2018

 So here is a note we received from a client's first foray into Unsanforized jeans. We're only sharing this with the hopes that the same thing won't happen to you!
Dear Okayama Denim,
I am writing this email to share my first ever experience of denim jeans. I had purchased my first ever Samurai Jeans " Samurai Jeans S003JP Yamato 15oz. Selvedge Denim Jeans (Slim Tapered) × 1 size 33". I got it around the first week of November 2018. I wear it about 5 times. During that time, I start to read information on how to take care of my denim jeans.
First time I wear it, it is so difficult and it is uncomfortable at all. What jeans it is. So difficult to walk and so difficult to step on the stairs whenever I go up and down stairs. I walked like I had a cramp.
But after the first time and the second time, my jeans became more friendly. Then again I search for how to make my jeans softer. Many Guru said that "Do not wash your jeans. Wear it for a year or half a year". OK I got it. I will try to.
Then, the disaster came to me last night, I just know that my jean is "unsanforized!" Have to soak before first wear to let it shrink to fit. Oh...sh*t. The size that I purchased is 33 so it is already so fit for me. Anyway, I tried to soak. Finally, you know what happened. It sinks about 2 inches. So I cannot wear it anymore.
It makes me happy even I cannot wear my amazing jean anymore. I am not complaining about anyone anything. And I will not return or request for any replacement from your shop because the legs were already cut to fit my inseam.
Just would like to share my experience for my first time ever with denim jeans. Thank you for producing such amazing and beautiful jeans. I will try another one in the future.

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