Well Worn Pair | Daniel's Pure Blue Japan SN-019 Selvedge Jeans

Where the journey began - Day 1 of wear

Fade Progress - Pure Blue Japan SN-019 Selvedge Jeans

Wears: 5 months of daily wear.

Soaks/Washes: Purchased as raw. Soaked once in warm water. Washed once in warm water.

Fellow Denimhead Daniel has been on quite the journey already in his pair of SN-019s. As a working-from-home new Dad (congratulations!), we were amazed to see how much work has been put into this beautifully faded pair. Daniel comments:

"Coming from ONI, I wanted a trimmer fit without sacrificing on unique fabric. The snowy nep of these called out to me, and I never tried PBJ before. I wanted 16oz. as a perfect year-round weight."

Many thanks to Daniel K. for sharing with us this superbly faded pair.

*For a model with a similar fabric and weight, we recommend checking out the recently restocked Pure Blue Japan SR-019 Jeans.