Well Worn Pair | Declan M's OD+PBJ 18oz. "Kakishibu" Selvedge Jeans

"593 consecutive wears; (constituting 4-24 hours per day of wear) 621 wears total. 4 machine cold washes and natural drying, 6 soaks and natural drying. They were my skin for 2 years. The patch fell off around 400~ wears and I will frame it as it is physical art."

Fade Progress - OD+PBJ 18oz. "Kakishibu" Selvedge Jeans

Denimhead and Sneaker enthusiast Declan M. has been on one heck of a journey in his ODPBJ002s. Originally embarking on this venture back in 2020, it's scarely hard to believe that his pair has been on his legs for close to every single day since then, and the fades speak for themselves.
With the relatively low wash count, the level of contrast in hues is simply stark compared to an original pair of the OD+PBJ "Indigo Kakishibu" series. A particularly interesting aspect of Declan's pair are the individual Kakishibu-dyed weft yarns that permeate from the most worn areas of the jeans. This element of color-pop is something seldom seen in faded jeans and we are star-struck to see the uniqueness of patina from Declan's pair.

Many thanks to Declan M for sharing with us these incredible fade pics.