Well Worn Pair | Kendall's XX-013 14oz. Selvedge Jeans

July 30, 2021

Wear duration: 2 years, 5 soaks (now retired)
Kendall when asked if the rips were natural commented: 
"Yea the point of this pair was to just let em go. All the rips started more or less from installing a fence and not knowing wtf I was doing. Anything that’s squared off, I removed after the fact because I simply didn’t like it hanging. then of course, everything got bigger/wider by me not repairing. I tried repairing the knee towards the end but I didn’t want to add patches unless it was sashiko. So I stopped wearing em to prevent more tearing. These will be framed."
Many thanks to Kendall (@indicasandindigo) for sharing with us these incredible fade pics.
Original Reddit /r/rawdenim post:  PBJ XX-013. 2 yrs, 5 soaks (retired)

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