So what is Suvin Gold all about?

June 28, 2017

Studio D'Artisan have been putting out several items over the past few seasons, featuring a lesser known cotton call "Suvin Gold" - we will try to carefully explain what Suvin Gold is exactly and how it compares to other cottons available in the world of high-end apparel.
This chart will be the single most important break-down of premium cotton. A quick comparison will show you, for example, that the renowned long staple cotton of Zimbabwe cotton has relatively thin fibers. But when drawing comparisons, you will quickly find that a Giza 45 or Suvin Gold cotton has almost twice as long staple cotton, and a much thinner fiber length, yielding a final cotton garment that is substantially softer yet sturdier from the start.
Featured above is the Studio D'Artisan Suvin Gold Loopwheel Crewneck Sweatshirt, hands down the softest cotton sweatshirt we have ever had come through the doors - no question. SDA's penchant for replicating vintage details to perfection make this one of our favorite items from the brand.
Much more suitable for the current season, Studio D'Artisan White Suvin Gold T-Shirt may look basic, but it is anything but. Using Suvin Gold cotton makes all the difference, and this has easily made its way into the top 3 white Tee's we carry.

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David Schmidt
David Schmidt

November 16, 2023

Sivan gold t shirt, no pocket, black , natural, or fox fiber natural xxl , or any other color runs available- indago, etc lmk

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