Okayama Denim

OD+FM Black Sashiko Adventure Hat


  • Limited production run of 60 pieces
  • Japanese Sulfur-dyed Black Sashiko fabric
  • Raw-edge trim fabric
  • One Wash
  • 100% cotton
  • Shijira fabric lining
  • Single red & white eyelets representing OD
  • 日本謹製(Humbly Made in Japan) rayon tag
  • OD 10th Year Anniversary woven label

The construction of this hat takes the form of a classic military-inspired adventure hat (or Boonie) which pairs perfectly with the stealthy sulfur-dyed Black Sashiko fabric. What is particularly special about this fabric is the raw edge trim, bringing out the white core of the yarns to give the hat a more wild appearance while at the same time, accentuating the construction lines of the brim and dome. The washed nature of the fabric gives the brim excellent malleability for you to truly make this your dome piece when out and about.

The signature OD Red and White stitched eyelets add a nice element of color pop to offset the tonal-color stitching. Not only representative of the OD logo, the red and white pay homage to the colors of the Japanese flag. One subtle yet welcome touch we could not leave out was the 日本謹製 (Humbly Made in Japan) rayon tag featured on the left panel of the hat.

With the "adventure" aspect of this hat at the forefront of our design ethos, we opted to line the inside with a traditional yet thoroughly functional Japanese fabric. Shijira (しじら) weave has a long history dating back to the Meiji era as a fabric base used for Kimono and Yukata. The texture prevents the cloth from sticking to the skin of the wearer during the hottest months of the year and as a result of the low-tension weave is a very light, breathable fabric.

It is speculated that this type of fabric was discovered by accident, when cloth was left out in the rain. An uneven warp and weft combination followed by a sun dry resulted in a unique, "pucker" like fabric face.

Inner Brim Measurement: 58cm (22.8")

Made in Osaka, Japan