Inception Horsehide Crossbody Bag (Rough Out Brown)

  • 1.2mm thick Himeji Rough Out Horsehide leather
  • Brass hardware
  • Brass zipper opening featuring leather pull tabs
  • Adjustable Horsebutt leather shoulder strap
  • #11 canvas inner lining
  • Inner pocket featuring branded Inception leather tab
  • Rear sleeve featuring snap button closure

Using premium horsehide leather sourced from Himeji, the rough out leather is packed to the brim with texture. Rough out leather is a type that has been processed in such a way that the flesh side of the hide is used as the outer surface, giving it a textured and rugged appearance. This type of leather is different to suede, as suede leather is split from the grain before undergoing processing. As a result, suede leather has a much more uniform appearance when compared to rough out leather. For the shoulder strap, Inception opt to use horse butt (bend) leather which is known as a premium leather featuring firmness and durability. the leather cuttings are vegetable-tanned for at least a month or longer than normal at the request of the brand - resulting in a leather that is full of character and packing that patina-potential. Additionally, Inception tread the unbeaten path with their leather dyeing, always doing so with the fibers intact, resulting in further rigidity.

The leather goes through a process of glazing using a high-pressure iron after it has been dyed. Before being cut into straps, the leather is smoothed out and the back portion dyed and polished before cutting and beveling. This entire process is done by a single leather craftsman in Inception's roster.

Not just functional, the custom-sourced brass parts of this bag are expected to patina just as beautifully over time, in tandem with the leather.

*Due to the natural leather that is used for this bag, please note that naturally occurring scratches and wrinkles may be present.

Sizing: Height - 12cm (4.7"), Length - 20cm (7.8"), Depth - 8cm (3.1")
Made in Tokyo, Japan