Master-piece x Spacecool Mini Shoulderbag

02273 (010)

  • Cordura Mastertex-04TM Nylon fabric body
  • Original "Spacecool" lined No.6 polyester canvas flap
  • Main compartment featuring inner sleeve
  • Main flap featuring snap buckle closure
  • Adjustable shoulder strap

Master-piece flex their technological know-how with the latest collaboration piece featuring Spacecool's proprietary fabric as the centerpiece of their new shoulder bag. 

The laminated fabric used for the flap covering the main body is a high-performance and durable flexible optical film developed by Spacecool. This material not only blocks solar rays and heat from the atmosphere, but also has the unique ability to emit heat to space, enabling it to cool down below ambient temperature with zero energy consumption. In performance tests during Summer conditions, the radiation cooling material has been shown to lower the temperature by 2 to 6°C compared to the outside air temperature and provide cooling capabilities of 70 to 100W/m², offering a sensation of coolness in the perceived temperature.

Additionally, the main body material is made of Corudura's Mastertex-04TM Nylon, an original three-layer structured fabric that meets strict standards for strength and waterproofness. 

*Dimensions: Width - 13.5cm (5.3"), Height - 14cm 5.5"), Gusset Length - 7cm (2.5")

**Weight: 240g (8.4oz.)

Made in Osaka, Japan