Egyptian Cotton Henley's | The holy grail of luxury cotton

March 15, 2016

Loop & Weft came blasting bold with the slogan, "Best Knitwear". Always elevating details - call it persistence, call it unwavering passion, and many would even call an anal attention to detail. 
Egyptian cotton, known for it's particularly soft fabric feel, was used in the production from scratch of this material in Wakayama by Ryota from Loop & Weft, to complete this vision he had for the perfect Henley. It started at the fabric and it had to be Egyptian.

Vintage inspired down to the design details, threading and seam construction, this Two button Henley tee is going to be in heavy rotation this Spring around our office.

True representatives of Japanese meticulous design and construction, the details are in the stitches. Literally. Each aspect of this Henley was cut and crafted for a reason.

The lockstitch, not just to maximize comfort, but also to ensure that the shoulder seam is resilient with the ultra strong lockstitch in place. 

Dual needle seam construction for the seams

The machine which produces this exceptional dual needle stitch is a vintage machine, and as always, the details are always subtle, creating this pleasant surprise on the other side of the otherwise simple dual parallel stitch.

Available now ($84)

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scott sommer
scott sommer

August 12, 2018

is this Egyptian cotton long sleeve Henley still available? as I would like to purchase one if available.

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