Momotaro New Releases | An Indigo Blue Summer

June 15, 2016

Summer is here, and Momotaro have dropped some drool-worthy pieces to keep us blue-blooded fiends satisfied. Starting with the Railroad Wabash Work Hat that just released this past week in both Indigo and Black

Momotaro, since their inception in early 2007, have been renowned for their classic 15.7oz Zimbabwe cotton Selvedge denim fabric. Changing the game up for Summer '16, they have introduced the G114-MZ. It is a killer 10oz. Selvedge cut from the same Zimbabwe cotton at the rest of the series - obvious difference is the weight, making them super breathable and realistically wearable even at the peak of what is bound to be a brutal summer.

Keeping consistent with the Momotaro theme, another new drop in the past week was this Momotaro Garment Dyed Indigo GTB Tee - hands down one of our favorite pieces that made it to market from the brand this year.

Can't ever rock too much Indigo.

As the Garment Dyed Indigo GTB Tee was crafted using a white base Tee, the patina of the Momotaro Label standard on all their Tee's, has a natural hue of Indigo

Just like the standard Momotaro Logo label, the GTB sleeves, commonly seen in white, have been dyed to create a beautiful hue of blue.

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