Momotaro Workshop Visit on Kojima Jeans Street, Okayama

February 24, 2015

Today we cover one of our favorite places in Kojima and on Kojima Jeans Street, the Momotaro Workshop that focuses on the production of the ever popular Copper Label series.
With the detailed craft involved with the production of the Copper Label, like the Indigo cotton canvas lined inner yoke and indigo check pocket bags, production is done in small quantities.
Creative Director of Japan Blue Jeans and Fabric expert, Kishimoto San, showed us around the workshop
Indigo Cotton Canvas fabric for the inner yoke of the jeans
Selvedge lined denim swatches for use on the fifth pocket of the jeans
Perfectly focused and working in fluid motion, the women building these beautiful jeans from ground up are amazing
Wearing the Going to Battle series while producing the Copper Label pocket bags
On stacks of pocket bags
Working on stitching the pocket bags
Bringing the finishing touches to the pocket bag
Leg patterns rest around the workshop waiting to get worked into shape
A pair of premium jeans requires up to ten unique stitching machines to produce
Kishimoto-san of Japan Blue Jeans on the left, and Ibuki-san, Sales Manager for Momotaro Jeans on the right. It is always great seeing the guys wearing the gear they help create: Kishimoto san is rocking his Cote D'Ivoire Jeans by Japan Blue, and Ibuki san is rocking his Shawl Collar Indigo Cardigan by Momotaro Jeans from this past season.
The workshop sits on Kojima Jeans Street, a long road that houses the stores for an array of denim brands, many of which are available at Okayama Denim. In true Kojima fashion, the road has been painted a subtle indigo blue, while the lines indicating the side of the road are painted in the classic selvedge ID colors of red and white.

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