Outfit of the Day in April

April 19, 2012

Starting this week, we would like to introduce our brand new feature - Outfit of the Day! With the summer months coming up ahead, the need for a refreshing change from the daily denim choices seem so much more appealing. Also the clock is ticking on the 6 and 8 inch boots, as the low-cut sneakers and mocassins are ready to come out!

The Outfit of the Day for April centers around the Saio CNCV026 Chino Pants, which are probably the best fitting pants we have seen to date.  A bold statement for sure, but see for yourself! We love these and are anticipating the release of new colorways of the same cut coming this Fall.

The other garments that help complete the look including a Burgundy V-neck T-shirt by American Apparel, Half Sleeve Button down Shirt by Uniqlo x Undercover, Wool Camp Hat by Supreme, and a Biker Wallet by The Flat Head.

Can't forget the amazing 6" Boots (Sebago Seneca) of premium Horween Leather by none other than sneaker designer, Ronnie Fieg for Sebago. 

Accessories include a single dog tag, a purple beaded bracelet, and an Okayama Denim Bracelet.

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