Full Count 1911 Outdoor

February 14, 2016

Introducing the latest from Fullcount, say hello to the brand new, 1911 silhouette
Clean as hell, the new silhouette draws inspiration from modern aesthetics and taste
With a brighter orange stitch option switched out instead of the classic yellow and brown sitching, these jeans have some serious pop
Taking the 1109 silhouette as a base, the new 1911 is even skinnier than the original Slim Tapered 1109, but with a more comfortable and spacious front and back rise
The jeans overall have been slimmed down from the 1109 silhouette, and have been given a slight boost of stretch with the 5% PU in the bi-blended 95% cotton/5% PU denim twill
The stretch does not give it a super stretchy feel, but rather just eases certain movements and provides additional comfort when compared to 100% cotton raw denim
With a classic Red line ID selvedge fabric, and the bold Orange Chainstitched hems, the details hit home with this pair

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