Restock Alert! | The OD+IC Natural Indigo Dyed Saddle Leather Fireman Belt

Celebrating the beauty of Japanese Natural Indigo through our OD+ collaboration with Inception.

With a brand we've only added to the site in the last year, we didn't waste any time in going through the planning stages of this latest collaboration soon after Inception joined the OD roster. With a brand ethos we closely vibe with, Inception have been discreetly and meticulously crafting some of Japan's finest leather goods for over 30 years! With a history dating back to their "inception" in 1991, skill and talent comes natural when you've been honing your craft as long as Inception and their parent company, Accel Company, have been.

Starting with the base, it was the Fireman Belt from Inception that first caught our attention before we started working with the brand. Loving the design and details, but more importantly the detail oriented construction of the belt led us to start visualizing a natural indigo version of this piece for our inaugural collaboration with the decades old Tokyo-based leather goods brand. With a production process that spans multiple prefectures in Japan, and journerys through different facilities and workshops, we are beyond proud to bring back a limited production run of the OD+IC Natural Indigo Dyed Horsehide Fireman Belt.

The OD+IC Natural Indigo Dyed Saddle Leather Fireman Belt restocks on 2/2 @ Midnight (JST)