An OD + SDA Collaboration | Pre-order the ODSDA003 "Matcha" Selvedge Jeans today

October 21, 2019

As this is the sample pair that is pictured, the final production lot will feature a forest green Selvedge ID.
We opted for SDA's original Black coated buttons for this "Matcha" collaboration.
Selvedge button fly coming in for that subtle detail you can keep for yourself.
Somehow, these green tea dyed yarns kick the already notoriously slubby "G3" denim into overdrive!
Sharing the same dark green stitch that will eventually be the Selvedge ID, we scratch the classic SDA arcuates this time around for a clean final aesthetic.
Red & White "OD" color stitching on a single back left belt loop.
Nathan Spoor with the magic, the custom OD+SDA "40 years" rayon tag sewn into the inner waistband draw inspiration from the rising sun imagery, and a classic red Selvedge ID, but with updated gold coloring to commemorate SDA's 40th Anniversary.
The rear pockets are lined with SDA's 40th Anniversary discharge dyed fabric that made an appearance as an Aloha shirt earlier this year.
We couldn't get our custom OD+SDA "Matcha" Herringbone pocket bags delivered in time to be sewn in to the jeans, but we're stoked to show you this sample as it's exactly what the final bag will look like! Getting a pocket bag printed with four colors as seen, as opposed to the conventional single color print, costs four times as much. But we wanted to maintain the integrity of Nathan Spoor's insane freehand design to the best of our ability, without concern for cost.
Finally for the flasher - we've seen a lot of these in our day. But just to complete the package of the direction we took with this collaboration and it's instantly recognizable Japanese roots, we opted for the use of Washi paper. Traditionally used for book covers and origami, Washi paper is both highly durable & malleable.
*Kindly note that $15 from every pair pre-ordered will be going toward the relief effort of Typhoon Hagibis, which recently devastated cities & towns across Japan. In the event that a discount code is used toward a purchase, we will be unable to donate from your purchase.

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