An OD+SDA Collaboration | The “Indigo x Dorozome” Dyed Crewneck Sweatshirt

November 05, 2020

An integral part of our ethos over here at OD is to integrate and celebrate traditional Japanese craftsmanship into our design, development & curation. Taking a classic sweatshirt and elevating it, allowed us to work with an unconventional collaboration product for our team. In the development and planning stages since December 2019, our latest collab effort came together with the OG Osaka 5 denim company, Studio D'Artisan.
SDA's Classic Heavyweight Sinker Weave Sweatshirt, which was the base garment for this project
 SDA's Classic Heavyweight Sinker Weave Crewneck Sweatshirt 
The journey starts in Wakayama, the hub for all things Sinker, Loopwheel and other impressive cotton jersey weaves coming out of Japan. The heavyweight sinker weave fabric is shipped to Okayama to be cut and sewn into the solid sweatshirt base featuring all the vintage details that SDA have been doing best for decades. 
While we understand that Loopwheel fabrics provide a much softer hand feel, dyeing a loopwheel garment with the methods we used would result in a coarser fabric, defeating the purpose of using a softer, Loopwheel material.
For the next stage of the journey, the base sweatshirt is shipped over 500 miles to the tropical island of Amami-Oshima.
Renowned for their ancient Dorozome (Mud Dye) techniques on the island, the craftsmen of Amami Oshima have honed their craft for centuries, using nature to color garments in varying hues of brown.
The preliminary dye is derived from boiling wood chips of the Sharimbai (Japanese Hawthorne) Tree which the garment is then dyed in around 20 or more times by hand. Transferring the dyed garment to a nutrient rich mud field, a natural chemical reaction occurs permanently changing the hue of the garment. These two steps are repeated multiple times in order to achieve the final deep brown hue.
This entire process is done while the sweatshirt itself has been carefully binded in order to dye the two separate dark brown and indigo colors with the resulting white and permeating lines as a result of the Shibori (tie-dyeing) craftsmanship.
The two colors represent the earth and sky, with the tie-dyeing effect creating an almost dream-state field separating the two planes.
Another 500 miles later, the Sweatshirt is back in Okayama for the final few touches before being shipped to Tokyo and into our hands. One heck of a journey, and one which sums up the immeasurable level of craftsmanship of Shokunin in Japan.

Size - CM

Chest Shoulder Centre Back Sleeve
M 99 43 66 66
L 108 46.5 67 69.5
XL 114 49 68.5 72
Size - Inches Chest Shoulder Centre Back Sleeve
M 39 16.9 26 26
L 42.5 18.3 26.4 27.4
XL 44.9 19.3 27 28.3

The “Indigo x Dorozome” Dyed Crewneck Sweatshirt drops on 11/6 @ Midnight JST ($295)

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