An OD+SDA Collaboration | The "Kasezome" Indigo x Kakishibu Sashiko Selvedge Bomber Jacket


SDA's "Kasezome" Sashiko has been one of our favorite fabrics to work with over the years, cementing its place as a mainstay in our ongoing collaboration projects with the Osaka OGs. Taking this fabric in its raw state, we kicked off our inaugural bomber jacket project, the Indigo "Kasezome" Selvedge Bomber Jacket back in Fall 2020. This year, it seemed the stars aligned with the latest iteration of the fabric that we thought up and helped SDA design, combining the skein dyed Indigo warp with a Kakishibu dyed weft. The concept of weaving Kakishibu into the weft yarn of SDA's proprietary fabric follows the Kakishibu journey we've been stoked to be on for the past few years, celebrating one of our favorite quintessentially Japanese hues. Seeing how beautifully the deep indigo color combined with the brown pop of the Kakishibu dye from within, the path was set for us to produce our third outerwear project with SDA. In tandem with our 10th anniversary, we once again set about honing in each detail to truly do this stellar fabric justice.

The "Kasezome" Indigo Kakishibu Sashiko Selvedge Fabric

The SDA Indigo x Kakishibu combines both meticulous dyeing techniques for the yarns, along with a traditional Japanese dye.
Kasezome is the art of skein dyeing, a hand dyeing method by wrapping undyed yarns into a loose coil and dipping them into a vat of Indigo (in this instance). The yarns are dyed to the core while still retaining their original texture, a feat only possible when the yarns are meticulously dyed by hand. 

Kakishibu has a deep-rooted history in Japanese craft culture & tradition, dating back to the early 13th century when it was first introduced to Japan from China. Annually in late August, unripe persimmon is harvested as their tannin or juice is extracted. Used as a multi-solution tool, Kakishibu was used to cure hangovers, for wood lacquering and even as a clearing agent for sake, to name only a few of the varied applications of the historic dye. 

Blending function and aesthetic

It is the combination of function and aesthetic that drove the creative narrative for this outerwear project. Sticking with classic bomber jacket cues, we have used a two-way UNIVERSAL® Gold Zipper fly featuring brown cowhide leather pull tabs. 
Each pull tab features contrast zig-zag stitching in a light sand color, to add an element of pop to the brown leather. Another minute detail that may be missed upon initial inspection is our design decision to opt for a brown color zipper tape, an addition we felt helped blend beautifully with the Indigo Kakishibu Sashiko base fabric.

Digging into the details

The 42% Rayon / 58% cotton Sukajan (Souvenir Jacket) lining featured in both the body and hand-warmer pockets was another design element we loved & reverted to. Taking time to examine our original Indigo "Kasezome" Selvedge Bomber Jacket, as well as study various liner samples from SDA's range we eventually settled on a rich Gold color, to give the inlay that well-deserved touch of luxury. The inlay also maximizes comfort and function for a smooth entry & exit to the piece when worn.
Opting for a brown leather patch to match the pull tabs on the zipper, it is Nathan Spoor's stellar freehand artwork that truly complete an OD+ collaboration.
So subtle, yet a design element that we simply could not pass on.
Selvedge details are littered throughout the jacket, from the locker loop sewn into the inner collar, the Selvedge ID featured on the inner chest pocket, and of course the ID running up the inner side of the zipper.
The acrylic cuffs, hem and neckline add that well-needed elasticity to ensure the conformity of the jacket to your body over a long period, helping to maintain shape even after extended wear.
Model is pictured wearing a size 38. He weighs 66kg (145 pounds) and is 175cm (5’7”) tall.



Under the surface

The OD+SDA  "Kasezome" Indigo x Kakishibu Sashiko Selvedge Bomber Jacket drops on 10/29 @ Midnight (JST)