Colors for Days | Chup Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

November 12, 2020

Dropping just as the temps drop on the ground here in Japan, a plethora of Chup's F/W Winter styles have just made it through our doors.
Included in this year's collection are a number of their Wool blend styles, perfect for keeping your feet snug as a bug through the coldest months.
Warm colors and vibrant patterns take centre stage for this year's styles, with a couple styles featuring our favorite split toe color block construction.
With so many options, we chose a few of our favorites to introduce prior to the release of the full collection.
 Paying homage to various patterns seen in traditional Nordic mittens, the Vott socks can be appreciated from all angles, with the geometric patterns taking shape in various parts of the sole and toe box.
The vibrant selection of Yö socks feature warm colors to express the flickering flames of the hearth on a cold Winter's night in Finland.
Evocative of the Winter forrests of Finland, the patterns are based on the image of snow accumulating on the spruce trees.
 Taking inspiration from traditional knitting patterns of various regions around Northern Europe, the arrangement of each design expresses layers of snow forming on a frosty Winter night.
"Baile" is the Irish word for "Town". The colors and patterns of this design express the buildings and cobblestone streets of medieval London.
"Aistear" is the Irish word for "Voyage". The patterns featured pay homage to the Fair Isles, a famous port of call home to an abundance of famous patterns featured in sweaters in the region.
Using a Merino wool yarn, these socks will not only retain warmth but are known for their breathability making them an excellent choice for the colder months. 
The motifs featured draw inspiration from symbols of nature and myths seen in traditional Latvian mittens. 
The full collection drops on 11/12 @ Midnight (JST)

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