New Brand Alert! | Introducing Inception

Authentic & meticulous leather craft simply put - takes time and dedication to master. After all, just like a finely faded pair of jeans you're going to want something that is going to not only last an eternity - but patina perfectly throughout the journey. At OD, we revel at the opportunity to put smaller brands on a pedestal, and new for 2022, we are stoked to announce the arrival of a Japanese leathercraft brand that has paid its dues and earned its stripes over the years. With a rich history spanning 30+ years through its parent company, Accel Company, Inception has championed all aspects of crafting their Leather goods to the highest level. Founded by Yuji Takase in 1991 upon leaving his former tenure at a Leather belt maker, Takase-san's vision of elevating Japan-made leather goods has been the result of redefining each step of the production process, while working with a small select team of leather shokunin (craftsmen). As the brand name Inception suggests - the start of making a fantastic, everlasting product begins with obtaining the best possible leather. To show you guys that Inception truly mean business, our first arrivals from the Tokyo-based brand are their expertly-made Saddle Leather Fireman and Garrison belts.

Located just north of Tokyo, the saddle leather used for the production of Inception's belts are sourced directly from the famed Japanese leather tanner, Tochigi Leather. Opting to use Bend (horse butt) leather which is known as a premium leather featuring firmness and durability, the leather cuttings are vegetable tanned for at least a month or longer than normal at the request of the brand - resulting in a leather that is full of character and packing that patina-potential. Additionally, Inception treads the unbeaten path with their leather dyeing, always doing so with the fibers intact, resulting in further rigidity. The leather goes through a process of glazing using a high-pressure iron after it has been dyed. Before being cut into belts, the leather is smoothed out to a 5mm thickness and the back portion dyed and polished before cutting and beveling. This entire process is done by a single leather craftsman in Inception's roster.

Inception Saddle Leather Fireman Belts ($150 USD)

Quickly becoming a popular buckle type amongst denimheads, Inception combine a slim 35mm belt width with a fine set of hardware. Fireman buckles originated from the United Kingdom, and were historically used for the rapid deployment of hoses. Not just functional, the custom-sourced brass parts of this buckle are expected to patina just as beautifully over time, in tandem with the leather.

Inception Saddle Leather Garrison Belts ($125)

Clocking in at a beefier 40mm width, Inception's take on a classic Garrison Belt is simple yet flawlessly crafted. Featuring a polished nickel-plated garrison belt buckle, Inception opt for the use of Chicago screws in place of classic buckle sewing construction. All that's left for your to decide is which leather you want to take to patina paradise.

The new Inception Leather Belts drop on 8/5 @ Midnight (JST)