Well Worn Pair | Aryo's Momotaro 10th Anniversary 0705TN

June 20, 2017

Jeans: Momotaro 10yr Anniversary 0705TN
Wear: Worn daily for six months
Washes: No pre-soak (makes sense as these are sanforized) & hand washed twice (apparently the second wash was in a fish pond, we'd have to be pretty damn creative to make that one up!)
Name/Location of wearer: Danzel Aryo from Jakarta, Indonesia
While these still have a ton of life in them, and we hope Danzel comes back to Tokyo to visit when these are shredded, we are stocked that he got into a pair. Danzel is a student from Jakarta, and hit us up over our Chat feature when these were first announced over a year ago. Unfortunately he did not make the cut off for pre-order, but was really enthusiastic about the 10th anniversary pair and wanted in. Another problem he had was being a little tight on money as a student. So we showed him some love and put a pair aside for him in his size (31"), and let him know we'd hold them for him as long as it took to get the cash together to cop. It took a few months, but Danzel was thrilled for his first pair of Japanese Raw's to be the coveted and exclusive run of Momtaro's 10th Anniversary Jeans.
Urban denim legend has it that the Indonesian's produce the most epic Selvedge denim fades, likely due to the sweltering heat. Whether it's that, or the die-hard and unwavering dedication of people like Danzel, this pair impressed the hell out of us for only six months of wear. Particularly because it is no secret that Momotaro jeans take their sweet ass time to break in and fade.
Those combs are starting to sit real pretty, with some pretty solid definition
And the patina on that patch is kind of at the perfect place right now - just before the letters start withering away, but enough wear to give the patch a "washed out" look.
Many thanks to Aryo (go follow him through the link!) for letting us get these snaps of his Well Worn Pair. 
Feel free to e-mail us at denim@okayamadenim.com anytime with your beat up pair for a feature on the Well Worn Pair series.

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