Well Worn Pair | Eddy from Holland put in that work on a pair of JB0401's

October 05, 2016

Thomas Edison once said, "There is no substitute for hard work,". In our latest series, we bring a brand new concept to the site that we have aptly called, Well Worn Pair. Each post in this series will feature an epic pair of jeans that have been, well, Well Worn! 

For our first post in this installment, we feature a true denimhead that has been supporting us for years - Eddy Lindeboom from The Netherlands who has put in some serious work on a pair of JB0401's by Japan Blue.

Walking the Great Wall of China on Day 1 of wear

Check out Eddy's story below:
"Bought these jeans in the summer of 2014 but started to wear them in autumn same year.
One of my first days with them was a 2 hour walk on the great Chinese wall. Couldn't have got a better break-in. 
My daily activities are - Working as a consultant and sitting most of the time. 
Looking around for new clothes and shoes. Besides my love for raw denim, I also happen to be a sneaker collector.
I like to take a walk in the evening or in the weekends. These jeans sure as hell survived some great parties too.
I chose Okayama Denim because of its relatively good prices compared to what Japan Blue in Europe costs. I also liked the accurate size tables to help me find the right size."
1.5 years of dedication, and you may get this.
Standing atop Holland in his favorite pair of jeans!
*Eddy just got 2,000 Indigo points (that's US$20!) to enjoy at his discretion on OkayamaDenim.com, for e-mailing us his story. Feel free to e-mail us pictures and stories of your progress too! We will probably post it and you will be $20 closer to your next dream pair.
E-mail all stories to ryo@okayamadenim.com to earn 20 bucks off your next purchase!

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