Pailot River 'Ghost' Seamless Wallet


  • 1mm Hand Dyed Saddle Cowhide Leather
  • Hand embossed Paisley pattern 
  • Debossed Pailot River and Made in VILLAGE WORKS logos
  • Original debossed Ghost motif snap buttons.
  • Bank note compartment
  • Card slots
  • 2 Coin pouches

Pailot River is a brand that was launched in 2011 by Red Moon founder Keiichiro Goto as a new approach towards leather craftsmanship to further the quality of their product. Each wallet is hand-made by craftsmen hand picked by Mr Goto himself, with each piece going through a painstaking construction process. Each 'Ghost' wallet is made by a single shokunin(artisan) from a single piece of leather. The entire dyeing and embossing process is done painstakingly by hand, resulting in an uneven pattern with subtle color differences in the leather.

*Measurements: Length - 12.5cm (4.9"), Width - 9cm (3.5"), Depth - 3cm (1.2")

**Redmoon produces their leather craft in a MTO (made to order) fashion, and typically it will take approximately 5-6 weeks to receive your item after the order has been placed. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Made in Saitama, Japan