4 ways to dress up/down your denim

Whether you’re jamming out at a festival or closing a deal in the boardroom, denim is classic and effortless. From head to toe, let’s take a look at 4 examples of how denim can be dressed up or down to elevate your look.

1. Casual

There's no better feeling than your favorite pair of jeans that have been given solid wear & tear. Paired with a comfortable tee and a cap (so you can keep that bed head as is), a simple and affordable look can still be an eye catcher.

The midweight 15oz. Momotaro Narrow Tapered jeans are a pair that remain comfortable both when lounging on the sofa, or when you're out with your friends. The superb quality of the Suvin Gold Tee keeps the outfit clean yet refined, while the Nep Denim Vet Cap with the function of an easily adjustable strap and buckle adds a pop of color with the embroidered tiger head detailing. 

2. Canadian Tuxedo

Embrace that Canuck spirit, and go blue head to toe! A Canadian tuxedo is a term used to describe a denim jacket and jeans combination or an all-denim ensemble. Bold move indeed, but fashion is subjective and as we can surely agree, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So go out and own it, that all-denim aesthetic.

Here we have grouped varying shades of indigo to avoid going too monotone. Starting from the bottom, we have the deeper “double indigo” Pure Blue Japan "Extra" Slub Stretch Jeans. On top is the classic Momotaro "Deep Blue" Denim Jacket, along with the lighter washed Studio D’Artisan Chambray Shirt. As temperatures rise, you can ditch the jacket and you cool down in the asymmetrical chest pocketed short sleeved shirt. 

3. Office Safe

With the right styling, it doesn’t take much to dress up denim for a more formal look. A well fitted pair of jeans and shirt, accessorized accordingly certainly wouldn’t look out of place in the office even alongside the suits.

Black and white are a great color combination when trying to elevate a look as it is generally considered understated yet elegant and is reminiscent of the classic suit colors. We have chosen to pair the high quality deep black Studio D’Artisan Kurozome Jeans with a plain white shirt. To finish the look, we have added the super lightweight champagne OD+Zanter down vest. This vest makes a great layering piece during the commute to and from work and can be conveniently packed away in the accompanying carry pouch. 

4. Outdoor Adventure

Denim is a staple for outdoor wear as it's a durable fabric that will withstand whatever nature has to throw at it. Let’s keep it real, it was made for railroad workers and other blue collar work. So treating them rough is really about celebrating the highly functional garment that it is. Denim is also very low maintenance so the inevitable dirt from adventuring can be easily removed without a fuss.

We have again opted for a midweight pair of jeans (this time Samurai) to provide comfort and breathability during the summer climate. We have coordinated the jeans with the Master-Piece “Link” backpack, and Studio D’Artisan “Amami Dorozomi” Shirt. The brightly colored backpack is a beacon to stand out in the wilderness as well as providing plenty of storage with 5 pockets and compartments. Finally, the perfect shirt for the occasion is the deep earthy toned SDA shirt.