5 perfect pairs of jeans to get you started!

Ready to embark on a denim journey? Look no further! If you're new to the world of denim and seeking that perfect pair of jeans that exudes quality, craftsmanship, and timeless style, we have you covered. Join us as we take a closer look at five outstanding pairs of Japanese Selvedge denim jeans that are ready to become a staple in your wardrobe. What's more, our chosen five pairs are ready to be faded at your will without breaking the bank.

1. TCB 50's - $198 USD

TCB's 50's Jeans are a remarkable example of Japanese selvedge denim craftsmanship that pays homage to the iconic denim styles of the 1950s. TCB is a brand that is deeply rooted in denim heritage and seeks to recreate the authentic look and feel of vintage jeans. Their 50's Jeans feature a classic, high-waisted fit with a roomy top block and a straight leg, capturing the essence of the golden era of denim. Constructed from high-quality, raw selvedge denim sourced from Japan, these jeans are known for their sturdy build and exceptional fading potential. TCB's attention to detail shines through in their use of vintage-inspired hardware, such as donut buttons and copper rivets, further enhancing the retro aesthetic. 

2. Momotaro 0106SPZ - $230 USD

On the contrary, Momotaro's 0106SPZ Jeans embodies a modern take on classic 5 pocket jeans. The iconic "Going to Battle" stripes featured on the back right pocket is an iconic element of these jeans, perfect for those looking to stand out in the crowd. The Narrow Tapered cut offers a sleek aesthetic with room in the rises and thigh, along with an aggressive taper from the knee down. For those that aren't keen on button flys, this is the perfect pair as it sports a zipper fly opening. A unique element of these jeans is the pink Selvedge ID and inseam thread construction that pay homage to the folklore legend Momotaro a.k.a the Peach Boy.

3. Kamikaze Attack HRK - $160 USD

Kamikaze Attack - A small family-run denim brand that we have come to love over the many years we have worked with them. Kamikaze Attack's HRK Jeans are a symbol of rebellion, individuality, and craftsmanship, perfect for those seeking an edgy and authentic denim experience. Steering well clear of the skinny route, the HRK (Home Run Kamikaze) Jeans come in a Slim Straight cut - a comfortable and versatile silhouette that can be matched with a variety of fits. One of the more quirky features of the jeans is Kamikaze Attack's take on the iconic Levi's style leather patch - you'll just have to see for yourself! Another element that separates Kamikaze Attack from the rest of the crowd is the seemingly distorted back pocket stitching - a testament to the uncompromising dedication and rebellious spirit of the brand.

4. Japan Blue J201 - $150 USD

The most reasonably priced pair in this list - but by no means with any compromise to quality. Japan Blue's "Circle" range of jeans showcases the brand's clean approach to jeans while putting their dedication to construction and fabric on a pedastal. While these feature a rough and tough 14.8oz. USA cotton denim, the jeans have gone through a wash process to soften up the fabric - eliminating the guessing game when it comes to sizing and making the jeans comfortable to wear from the get-go. Just like the 0106SPZ Jeans from earlier, these jeans come with a zipper fly opening, making those trips to the bathroom a breeze.

5. OD+BJ "Makuro" - $195 USD

Black Jeans - something we all need in our wardrobe and something that we couldn't leave out of this list. Our collaboration Black Selvedge project with denim veterans Big John comes with a stellar jet black fabric - making this easily the stealthiest pair of jeans we have ever stocked at OD. The name "Makuro" (真っ黒)means "pitch black" in Japanese. Besides the obvious reference to the color of the fabric, we wanted to portray the beauty that can be found in simplicity, and letting the quality speak for itself. While these jeans are unwashed for that authentic raw denim experience, the fabric has gone through a sanforization process which eliminates the need, worry and hassle of soaking and shrinking the jeans to fit. Keeping the overall aesthetic clean - we are confident that these are office-safe jeans for those of you who want to enjoy a denim journey while at work.