Coming Soon: FULLCOUNT

June 19, 2012

We are very proud and excited to announce the latest addition to the line up of brands at Okayama Denim, FULLCOUNT. Beyond being just a denim brand, FULLCOUNT is a full fledged fashion label with a wide range of products made using only the best sourced fabrics and sewing techniques. FULLCOUNT was the first 'Made in Japan' denim company to use Zimbabwe cotton denim fabric - commonplace today in the premium denim industry, but revolutionary two decades ago when FULLCOUNT was born. 

Having a history stretching over 20 years in the denim industry, Founder and Head Designer of FULLCOUNT, Mikiharu Tsujita, was one of the original co-founders of Evisu alongside the current owner. In 1992, Mr. Tsujita left Evisu to start FULLCOUNT and completed what came to be known as the 'Osaka 5'. This refers to the original five Osaka based denim companies who all grew to become prominent players in the Japanese denim scene. They include Studio D'Artisan, Warehouse, Evisu, Denime, and FULLCOUNT.

We are excited to add the FULLCOUNT brand to the line up at Okayama Denim, and cannot wait for you to feel their denim. The 13.7 oz. Zimbabwe cotton is like nothing you have ever felt before. They truly make the ideal all-season blue jeans that are perfect, right from the first wear - lightweight yet durable, with a very unique subtle fuzzy overtone.

The 1109: The perfect Classic Slim jeans

Denim on Denim Rolls (all Zimbabwe cotton denim fabric, of course!)

FULLCOUNT jeans, in Raw State

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