An OD+JB Collaboration | The final restock of our 18oz. "Sapphire Slub" Selvedge Jeans

"The end of an era"

The one that jump started our countless denim collaborations from over the years, and put us on this current natural color weft discovery journey through our proprietary Selvedge developments, it’s a bittersweet moment for us to bring you guys the final run of the current 18oz. “Sapphire Slub” as we’ve seen it to date. Cementing our place in Japanese denim history and acting as a launchpad for our current serial collaborator status, the Sapphire Slub's represent a turning point in our company history since we first launched the original denim we developed from the yarn up in 2016.

The issue concerning the Sapphire Slub production comes down to the weaving of the coveted denim, a step in the process that has been strained from the start of COVID due to the lack of new seamstresses entering the production line at the denim weaving factory responsible for weaving our proprietary Sapphire Slubbies. That combined with rising raw material costs and serious supply chain setbacks have amounted to the recent shuttering of the weaving mill we were using with Japan Blue to make this textured OD+JB selvedge series. We’ve been working tirelessly with the Japan Blue Group since the end of last summer to develop a brand new proprietary denim that exemplifies what we’ve done thus far, and we’re stoked to show you the new OD+JB Selvedge we’ve been cooking up.

Until then, we are pleased to bring you the very last run of our ODJB001 18oz. "Sapphire Slub" Selvedge Jeans!

The final 18oz. "Sapphire Slub" Selvedge Jeans restock drops on 4/13 @ Midnight (JST)