An OD+JB Collaboration | The final restock of our "Sand Slub" Selvedge Jeans

Reminiscing through the OD history timeline and projects, we've got one last hurrah OD+JB pair that is a welcomed departure from the conventional right-hand twill we have employed for our other color weft Slub Jeans. First released in 2019, the Sand Slub Jeans feature a beige weft and a seldom seen Broken Twill weave - resulting in an unmistakingly unique texture that we admire.

We can thank the folks at Wrangler back in the 1960s for first developing the Broken Twill weave, as a means to minimize the leg-twist that commonly results from the soak process of unsanforized jeans. Open up the weave rulebook and you will see that "conventional" weaves are either right or left-hand twill. After burning their copy of the rulebook, Wrangler came up with a weave that alternates from left to right on every two warp ends, creating a coveted zig-zag aesthetic.
From a fabric standpoint, the Sand Slub Selvedge is unique in that it is different from the typical 18oz. weight seen with the other iterations of our OD+JB denim series. Meant as a pair you can rock all year round, the denim clocks in at a lighter 14oz. weight. Despite this there is zero compromise to the fabric texture, and the denim itself feels just as substantial as its heavier weight brethren.

Additionally, we incorporated the OD+JB vat-dyed Tochigi Leather Cowhide waistband patch and a signature OD detail seen on previous collabs, the 10oz. Black Chambray pocket bags. Following the design ethos we attempt to highlight with every creative endeavor we approach, the addition of a subtle yet distinctive touch that you alone can appreciate for yourself every time you wear the jeans.

Owing to a string of production setbacks, a dwindling local workforce and the closure of the weaving mill responsible for crafting this unique Selvedge, this is the last time that Japan Blue will be able to produce the current "Slub" Series as we currently know it for us. That being said, we have worked tirelessly with our Kojima based fam to cook up something sincerely unique. For now, enjoy this very last restock of the OD+JB "Sand Slub" Selvedge Jeans!

The final "Sand Slub" Selvedge Jeans restock drops on 5/24 @ Midnight (JST)