An OD+LW Collaboration | The Indigo Dyed Double Face Hex Honeycomb Thermal collection

For anyone that’s been with us for a while, you know we’ve been doing this for a minute with our fam over at Loop & Weft. 

The brainchild of Ryota-san, a production expert who sunk his teeth into the game via a decade of working at one of the Japanese Selvedge brands you are very familiar with.

When it comes to dreaming up a collaboration with L&W, the conversation always starts at fabric. With multiple proprietary developments coming from L&W every season, often inspired by vintage pieces discovered by Ryota-san on his countless thrifting excursions, it’s the fabric that speaks volumes with the brand. So the focus starts there, and we discuss what natural dye would suit the respective fabric in conversation. With this year’s stellar double face thermal development that recently hit the site, we knew this fabric had to undergo an overdye, to represent an OD+ piece. The texture alone made it a no-brainer, with immense potential for fades with extended wear.

Opting for the hue we know best, the ODLW016 & 17 are overdyed in Pure Indigo, piece by piece to ensure a perfectly balanced dye through each Henley or crewneck.

The OD+LW Indigo Dyed Double Face Hex Honeycomb Thermals drop on 10/13 @Midnight (JST)