An OD+LW Collaboration | The Kakishibu SZ Vintage Pinborder Knit Hooded Sweatshirt

Once again, the purveyors of the "Best Knitwear" are back with what they do best for F/W 2023 - mind blowing sweat fabrics. For our latest collaboration with Loop & Weft, we combined meticulous construction with 100% naturally derived Kakishibu. When we say Natural Kakishibu, we mean it. With the dye derived from the middle of an unripe persimmon, the extracted natural tannin is then used to garment dye our collaborative hooded sweatshirts, one piece at a time. 

With each collaborative design effort we embark on with our fam from Loop & Weft, we are able to test and try a new concept and direction. Having undergone more than half a decade of experimenting with this quintessentially Japanese dye (starting with the OD+PBJ "Kakishibu" Selvedge Jeans), we have been able to see a myriad of brown hues - a testament to how this natural dye packs so much potential. 

The process of garment dyeing this proprietary SZ Pinstripe Sweat fabric from L&W requires patience and persistence, as multiple rounds of hand dyeing and drying are required to acheive the aesthetically pleasing lighter hues that have settled into the textured fabric. 

Seeing the lighter side of the Kakishibu spectrum is a true delight, given that this natural dye also has a propensity for deepening in color over time and exposure to UV rays. As a result, we stand on the cusp of the unknown until each of these garment-dyed pieces reaches you - the wearer. As such, we leave it to you to embark on a unique journey and enjoy this natural dye that we hold very dear to our DNA.

The OD+LW Kakishibu SZ Vintage Pinborder Knit Hooded Sweatshirt drops on 11/10 @Midnight (JST)