An OD+MJ Collaboration | The 15.7oz. "Frost" Nep Selvedge Jacket

Celebrate the return of a legend! The heavily-requested masterpiece from our "Frost" collection, born of our ongoing collaboration with the Peach Boys, is back for its final bow. This is your last chance to own a piece of this iconic series, with the latest blanket liner overhaul.

In 2020, we took our first steps into the world of outerwear with this jacket project, pushing our boundaries and venturing into uncharted territory. Our goal? To embrace the essence of winter with open arms. The heart and soul of this jacket is the exclusive 15.7oz. "Frost" Selvedge Denim, a fabric we meticulously crafted alongside Momotaro from yarn to deliver an intense burst of nep and texture that's bound to turn heads.

But here's where it gets exciting - we bent the rules, blending classic denim jacket elements to forge a silhouette that's truly one-of-a-kind. The foundation is inspired by the Type 2 style, with corduroy-lined hand warmer pockets that harmonize with a corduroy collar. But where we truly went off the beaten path was the lining. Instead of the traditional striped color pattern seen in classic Storm Rider jackets, we opted for a heavyweight black shaggy check flannel for maximum warmth, turning this jacket into the ultimate winter armor.

And let's not forget the OD+ signature touch – those Pink Selvedge cuffs that give it that perfect finishing touch. Our love for natural dyes shines through, evident in the pocket flaps lined with indigo and Kakishibu-dyed fabrics showcasing Momotaro's Peach Crest logo. But we didn't stop there; we placed the Peach Crest rayon tag just below the left chest pocket for a playful twist on convention. To add an element of stealth, we've introduced a black leather patch with contrast stitching, adding a burst of energy to the subdued black color. And watch out for those black-coated buttons, they'll develop a beautiful patina over time as the coating wears away, revealing a shiny iron core that complements the jacket's killer fades.

The OD+MJ 15.7oz. "Frost" Nep Selvedge Jacket drops on 11/3 @Midnight (JST)