An OD+RX Collaboration | The Indigo "Murazome" Crew Socks

Intertwining the rich heritage of Japanese craftsmanship with modern design sensibilities, we team up with renowned sock artisans Rasox for our inaugural collaboration socks with the brand. Transcending the ordinary, these socks celebrate the intricate art of “Murazome” - a form of Shibori dyeing deeply rooted in Japanese culture. A marriage of tradition and innovation, these socks pay homage to an ancient dyeing technique while epitomizing function with the Rasox "L-shaped" socks silhouette. With each pair of socks undergoing a hand-dye process, the result is more than just an accessory; it's a living canvas of shifting hues and timeless artistry.

Japanese Shibori dyeing is derived from the Japanese word "Shiboru" (which means to wring or squeeze), this form of manual resist dyeing has seen a history spanning more than a millennia in Japan. While the Edo period enjoyed a cultural boom leading to many artistic examples of this form of tie-dyeing, the proliferation of Shibori came partly down to a necessity, as working class members of society were forbidden from wearing silk. This led to a heightened popularity of Shibori dyeing among the masses, as it became a means of breathing new life into old garments that had already been worn extensively.

Just like any garment that undergoes this dyeing process, each ecru pair of socks must be intricately bound by hand before being submerged into the Indigo dye bath. This careful manipulation of the fabric creates an exquisite and variegated blend of Indigo hues, much like the ever-shifting formations of clouds in the sky. The final outcome of each pair is truly one-of-a-kind, as the natural variations in the dyeing process ensure that every sock is a masterpiece in its own right.

Dropping in the classic Crew style, each pair celebrates Rasox's iconic and functional L-shaped silhouette. The L-shape concept makes you wonder why all socks aren't made this way. A fit that follows the natural shape of the foot to ensure a more comfortable wearing experience, we are proud to bring blue hues to the most functional socks in the game.

The OD+RX Indigo "Murazome" Crew Socks drop on 9/14 @ Midnight (JST)