An OD+ZT Collaboration | The Recycled PET Bottle Down Vest

Coming in for a second season with Japan's first Down Jacket purveyors ever, we're proud to be a part of an integral part of Japanese Winter expedition history with the addition of Zanter on the roster. With the second year of our relationship with Zanter comes a second collaboration with the outerwear brand, one that blends heritage with a sustainable angle to create something sincerely fresh. Taking their 70+ years of experience and applying it to this latest project has been a blast from the get-go - with our latest down vest collaboration going under a more sustainable and lightweight design lens to our previous iteration.

Rewinding back to the top of 2022, we were introduced to Zanter's latest lightweight recycled PET bottle down fabric. In tandem with our recent approach to creating more mindful garments - we were very excited to get the ball rolling with this new shell textile. When it comes to the down itself, Zanter have recycled feathers which are innately durable, long-lasting and re-usable. Zanter have embraced the Japanese ethos of "もったいない" (Mottainai - Too good to waste) in order to recycle materials containing their down to see use in new garments. While the composition in this new fabric contains 10% more feather compared to their standard offerings, this is not at the detriment of heat retention and overall weight. Combining this with the polyester laminate fabric, the resulting body material is truly versatile for a vest - seeing as its use for a layer can be suitable for the Autumn and Spring months, along with Winter. Zanter have also gone the extra mile on the sustainability path in the fabric production - by recycling PET bottles and fiber scraps to create new polyester fibers.

Our new collaboration vest features a Champagne color body with Navy resin buttons adding that well needed element of color pop to the front placket. Given the more forgiving silhouette of this piece - these fit closer to Western sized tops and will be available from M~XL. Always ready for you to rock on the go - each vest comes with a carry pouch made from the same recycled "ECOPET" polyester fabric as the vest body.

The OD+ZT Recycled PET Bottle Down Vest drops on 9/28 @ Midnight (JST)