Colors for days | Chup's F/W 2021 Collection

Let's face it, the colder months are on the way, and with the pandemic not going anywhere just yet, we'll be back to cozying up on the sofa with your favorite blanket and a hot bev. Hopefully, your feet will be getting the same love and with Chup's new styles, with no shortage of options to keep them snug as a bug. Vibrant colors and contrasting patterns will evoke that inner warmth from within. while you kick your feet up. With so many styles this year, we chose a few of our favorites to introduce prior to the release of the full collection.


The Sami are the indigenous people that inhabit the northern regions of the Scandinavian Peninsula, but also reside as far east as Russia. The name "Triphon" refers to the Finnish Triphon procession which takes place each August through four villages of the Skolt-Sami, who are Russian Orthodox, and the Ijahis idja (the Nightless Night).
Paying homage to traditional Sami garments, Chup have replicated the beautiful patterns within these socks to celebrate the culture of Europe's sole indigenous population.


We really dig the symbology of the Suerte style. While succeeded by the likes of compasses and GPS, the ancient practice of celestial navigation is still used to this day. Rewind a couple hundred years and we are back in a time when explorers would use the starry night sky to cover uncharted territory. Starting to see where this is going?
For their latest Suerte socks, Chup feature star-like patterns and crosses representing the four cardinal directions. "Suerte" is the Spanish word for "Luck".


If you're from Scandinavia, these patterns are probably familiar! Drawing inspiration from Nordic sweaters, Chup have featured unique patterns which have a 3D-like appearance to use in their Kuutio style.
Oh and the name! "Kuutio" is the Finnish word for "cube". Now we can connect the dots!


Continuing with the Nordic theme, Chup have thoughtfully selected warm and contrasting colors to evoke that inner heat to keep you cozy as the mercury drops. "Cirkor" is the Norweigian word for "Circus".
Using a Merino wool yarn, these socks will not only retain warmth but are known for their breathability making them an excellent choice for the coldest of days. 


Hopping over the pond to Arizona now, where Najavo Chinle weaving styles emerged in the 1920s. Chinle rugs are typically woven without borders and typically feature striped bands of geometric patterns and contrasting colors.
Chup have carefully replicated the traditional Navajo patterns from various Chinle rugs in the region, to use in these impeccably constructed socks. If you're short of a few thousand dollars for the real deal, why not drop a few bucks and bring a Chinle rug right onto your feet?

The Chup F/W 2021 collection drops on 9/14 @ Midnight (JST)