FDMTL | Spring/Summer 2021

February 24, 2021

FDMTL, the purveyors of all things Boro, Patchwork & Indigo, are back in 2021 with their S/S collection. Pushing the boundaries yet again, we are excited to introduce to you the latest items from the Tokyo-based brand.
The first of three Haori-styled tops we are releasing this season, FDMTL's classic Indigo Sashiko is the fabric of choice for this season's short-cut Haori Cardigan.
Rope-dyed to age beautifully over time, the weave and weight of the Sashiko featured is a mid weight fabric, perfect for wear during the warmer months ahead.
Hitting those sand beiges hues, we really dig the shawl collar aesthetic of FDMTL's new sweat cardigan.
The stretchy nature of the fabric ensures a comfortable and cozy wrap around the torso. Thinking ahead, FDMTL have added a herringbone torso-tape ensuring that the clean shape of the cardigan is retained over time. 
Military mindset reigns supreme with FDMTL's Tiger Camo Haori.
Featuring a Ripstop fabric, FDTML reimagine the classic Haori with a quintessentially "Tokyo" twist. The clash of Japanese tradition and a modern military-inspired fabric creates a unique yet eye-pleasing aesthetic. 
Adapting the best-selling Patchwork Coverall, this time opting for a Bicolor denim approach really highlights the individual hues of Indigo featured in the various Sashiko and Jacquard fabric patches.
A new colorway for this year with the Khaki fabric body on top of an array of Herringbone, Sashiko and Ripstop patches. The off-setting touches of indigo at the chest and waist pockets complete this superb piece for S/S 2021.
The patchwork craziness continues with FDMTL's new range of pants this year. 
In similar fashion to their coveralls, the careful arrangement of each panel promises variegated fading over time.
For a more balanced approach, the Indigo Dobby Argyle pants are the perfect option for comfortable wear with no sacrifice to texture and/or originality.
For the first time here at OD, we will also be carrying FDMTL's Indigo Sashiko Patchwork Shorts. No need to stray away from your favorite fabrics this Summer, we got
The FDMTL S/S 2021 collection drops on 2/25 @ Midnight (JST)

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