Loop & Weft's SZ Vintage Pinborder Knit Double V Sweatshirts

Back with the "Best Knitwear" coming out of Japan, Loop & Weft once again deliver a standout set of sweat pieces for 2023 that feature construction elements and proprietary fabrics that are simply unmatched. The fabric features a 100% Cotton pinborder knit, meticulously reconstructed from vintage samples, using a rare vintage knitting machine based in Wakayama. Unlike typical striped fleece fabrics, this material uses a special "SZ yarn" not only for the surface thread but also in the inner yarns. This luxurious touch prevents excessive twisting of the stripe pattern and showcases the fine stripe pitch beautifully. The fabric is densely knitted and features a brushed-back fleece, providing a smooth and plush texture while enhancing fabric stability and insulation.

The design draws inspiration from sports sweatshirts of the 1960s. They are meticulously sewn using a vintage 4-needle Union Special 36200 sewing machine, ensuring durable construction, comfort and ease of wear. The sweatshirt boasts a regular fit with the right amount of room and balance to allow for layering. With each wear, the fabric's character will deepen, allowing the details and color to shine through.

Dropping as a double V style sweatshirt, the new tops will be available in four colors - Gray, Brown, Black and Navy

The Loop & Weft Double SZ Vintage Pinborder Knit Double V Sweatshirts drop on 11/3 @ Midnight (JST)