Momotaro's 15th Anniversary Pt. 2 | The Left-Hand Twill Selvedge Collection

February 28, 2021

Back in January Momotaro introduced to the world their first 15th Anniversary collection. In celebration of such a momentous year for the Peach Boy Brand, rolling out yet another collection with their new proprietary Left-Hand Twill fabric was unexpected, but a pleasant surprise, for us.
Renowned by mills as a softer hand feel fabric to a conventional right-hand twill denim, Momotaro Jeans mill a left-hand twill denim for the first time in their 15 year tenure.
Available in the Narrow Tapered, Slim Straight and Classic Straight cuts, Momotaro have injected their personality in all the right places. For the new custom-milled jeans, Momotaro welcome back the pink and gold Selvedge ID from their 10th Anniversary Jeans.
One subtle yet impressive change to the motif of Momotaro is featured on the Indigo dyed leather patch. Donning an 烏帽子 (Eboshi), these black-lacquered court caps were traditionally worn by boys as a rite of passage upon reaching their 15th birthday.
Stacked with details, the Left-Hand Twill Type II will feature the same chambray lined chest pocket flaps and gold buttons from the jeans.
Custom print indigo pocket bags feature a small yet humble gesture of gratitude for the fans of the Peach Boy brand which have repped the brand hard over the years in all four corners of the globe.
The collection doesn't end with the jeans and jacket! The Left-Hand Twill train continues with Momotaro's Denim Shoulder Bag. 
Silver GTB stripes and a natural leather patch adorned with custom silver "15th" paint are touches made to be flexed.
Adding yet another layer of premium quality touches, natural leather pull-tabs complete this piece.
Fade Samples
Due to the limited availability of the items from the Left-Hand Twill 15th Anniversary collection, we will be collecting pre-orders until the 31st of March. All items are expected to be delivered to us in Mid-November.
The Momotaro Left-Hand Twill 15th Anniversary collection will be available for pre-order on 3/1 @ Midnight (JST)

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