My $825 Raw Denim Jacket (why I'm selling it) | Pure Blue Japan Review

January 13, 2021

As with any garment, the fit is not going to be for everyone
Nothing like a dead honest review, and we absolutely love how candid (and hilarious!) this video is. At this point, we've already talked several times about the eye-watering price point that the Natural Indigo series from PBJ commands. Rather than us go through the explanation for the umpteenth time, we are going yield the floor on this one!
Edit: We confirm that we did indeed have the jacket details for the pocket listed as having reinforced rivets. This is not the case, and as mentioned in this video review, the stress points are reinforced with bar tacks. And no, the collar is not filled with reinforced rivets either!
Note: This is not sponsored content, and the jacket was purchased from the site at retail.

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