New brand alert! | Introducing Graphzero

In tandem with their 20th anniversary, we are excited to introduce 'Graphzero' as the newest addition to the OD fam. Emerging from a humble fabric store nestled in Kojima, Graphzero has not only met but exceeded the lofty standards set by the locale, driven by their commitment to the philosophy of "Manufacturing from the point zero”. Born into a family of storied fabric dealers in the city that shook the world with its immaculate Selvedge, the founder of Graphzero, Tetsuya Suzuki, has been around fabrics for his entire life.

While Graphzero may be one of the slightly lesser-known brands to come out of Kojima, its small yet dedicated team certainly packs a punch, bringing a wealth of expertise in garment manufacturing to the table. One of the particular caveats of this brand, is that everything that they produce is done in-house by their relatively young team of artisans. They skillfully marry tradition with modernity, blending classic silhouettes with contemporary design elements, exemplified by their Kendo Riders Jacket. This fusion results in garments that evoke both nostalgia and comfort, alongside a sense of modernism and individuality.

The inspiration behind the Kendo Rider's Jacket stems from the weaving structure of kendo uniforms, with the denim fabric intricately woven. Utilizing indigo rope dyeing for the warp yarn, Graphzero creates a captivating border pattern with brighter hues on the weft yarn.

In addition to the Kendo Rider's Jacket, we also have the Herringbone Jeans, Selvedge Jacquard Pants, and 2 colorways of their Indigo Jacquard Shirt to complete a stellar introductory collection for the Okayama-based brand.

The attention to detail is evident in the Jeans, featuring an embossed metal button opening, herringbone pocket bags, selvedge detailed fifth coin pocket, and crafted from original gray-dyed weft herringbone fabric. The lighter 13oz. Selvedge Jacquard Pants have garnered a devoted following among Graphzero's loyal fanbase, thanks to their indigo-dyed warp and natural white weft, resulting in a distinctive diamond pattern.

 Lastly, Graphzero pays homage to the classic button-down shirt, infusing it with their unique flair through the unique jacquard fabric and thick shell buttons.

The Graphzero launch collection drops on 3/20 @ Midnight (JST)