New brand alert! | Introducing Rasox

Put your feet up and relax as the professors at Rasox give us a little lesson on the science of sockwear. Founded in 1991, the latest brand to hit the OD shelves, Rasox are experts of ergonomics, aesthetics, and comfort. Through years of experience, Rasox have simplified the art of sock-making to one letter, 'L'. The L-Shaped socks from Rasox fit the natural shape of the foot when standing and walking, which results in:

1. Reduced strain and sagging on areas of the sock such as the heel and toe cap.

2. Reduced pressure on the foot.
3. Reduced movement and slide of the socks.
4. Improved heat retention.
5. Increased foot mobility.

The L-shape sounds so obvious in hindsight, right? Other unique features of the socks include a tapered construction, which extends from the ankle to the calf, again following the natural curvature of the foot area. As the sock fits better in all areas, it does not require an elasticated opening which provides more comfort to the wearer.

The amount of yarn used to construct these socks is also greater than a regular pair of socks, and you will notice how soft to the touch they are immediately. Rasox aren't just talk, they walk the walk, too. With the guys at the OD HQ having tested the socks recently, we can confidently confirm that they some of the most comfortable we have ever experienced. Finally, if all the ergonomic talk didn't get you excited enough, the plethora of design choices will! We have hit the ground running, stocking over 40 different styles, designs, and textures for you to choose from. We also have a couple of options for those just starting their marathon, with kids sizes available too. 

The Rasox F/W 2022 collection drops on 11/18 @ Midnight (JST)