PROCESS | "Aisora" Tokushima Natural Indigo Selvedge

Reminisce the process with us on the ground in Okayama, where we were blessed to capture the meticulous craftsmanship of the artisans in the factory where the "Aisora" Jeans were produced. From the trimming of the panels, the embroidering of the leaf and the sewing of the leather patch, each stage requires the knowledge and experience of these aging craftsmen in this factory.

A storied production house that has behind the scenes been responsible primarily for the output of all of PBJ’s AI series in recent memory, the factory is staffed entirely by elderly Japanese denim craftsmen, making the future of the factory finite with no sign of young blood joining the sewing ranks. Rarely seen by many, it was truly a privelage to see first-hand the harmony between hands and machine that went into producing these Jeans.