The KS-013-ST | Pure Blue Japan just dropped yet another fresh fabric

September 15, 2016

Yearning for top quality without compromising on comfort? Want a great Slim Tapered that you can rock fresh out of the bag without the fear of potential thigh chafing (that shit hurts if you've ever experienced it!). Or want a pair that will have not as much permanent stretch, and will retain a flattering silhouette even with extended wear?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you've just singled out your next pair. The KS-013-ST is anything but ordinary. Spun at an extremely low tension, the fabric itself asserts the incredibly irregular denim characteristics that make Pure Blue Japan's jeans so special. Taking it a step further though, PBJ decided to put a spin on their classic fabric with the addition of a bi-blended 95% Cotton / 5% Polyurethane. This results in a fabric that has some stretch while still maintaining all the qualities of a PBJ Raw Selvedge fabric.

With the nature of this fabric and the stretch component, these jeans only come in One Wash. This is because when this fabric is loomstate, they do not  have any give. But once soaked/washed, the stretch "activates" and results in a pair that is comfortable from the get-go.

Available online today ($260)

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