Samurai's S710XX21oz-SY "Japan's Number One Warrior" 21oz. Selvedge Jeans

Samurai's latest "Japan's Number One Warrior" jeans pay tribute to the legendary warrior, Sanada Yukimura, celebrated for his unwavering courage and heroic feats during the Sengoku era. This battle bound denim is based on the popular S710XX19oz-Ⅱ model, but takes things up a notch with the use of a heavier 21oz. Selvedge denim.

The stitching pays homage to the iconic "red attire" often associated with Sanada Yukimura. The use of red seams and accents throughout these jeans is a direct reference to the warrior's distinctive red armor, signifying his fearlessness and bold personality. To depict the "Sanada Ten Braves," who were known for their covert operations, black back pocket stitching construction is used, symbolizing the shadowy and discreet actions of these tenacious warriors. Another bold yet unconventional move by Samurai is the addition of the same black arcuates on the fifth coin pocket, which pair great with the Samurai red rayon tab featured in the same area.

Samurai have also featured artwork on the pocket bags depicting the "Siege of Osaka Castle" as a historical salute to one of the most highly regarded warriors of Japan.

The Samurai S710XX21oz-SY "Japan's Number One Warrior" 21oz. Selvedge Jeans drop on 11/9 @ Midnight (JST)