Studio D'Artisan's F/W 2022 collection

Rewinding back a few weeks to April, we had the opportunity to check out Studio D'Artisan's latest F/W collection for 2022. Suffice to say, the Osaka OG's have a stellar lineup of upcoming items, which we will be making available for pre-order from 5/19 @ Midnight until 5/30 @ Noon (JST).

Pre-order with confidence

Upon receiving the production lot from the factory, we will measure the item, and then send you the updated sizing. This will allow you to pre-order in confidence, and we will have the inventory to allow you to change your pre-ordered size, because your order will be treated as a priority before we launch the items for general release.

Studio D'Artisan "The Origin" Selvedge Series

Studio D'Artisan "Sashiko Denim" Series

Studio D'Artisan Boro "Sashiko Denim" Series

Studio D'Artisan "Hinode" and "Tasogare" Series

Studio D'Artisan "Noragi Kasuri Sashiko" Series

Studio D'Artisan "Amami Dorozome" Series

Studio D'Artisan "Kusaki Zome" Series

The Studio D'Artisan F/W 2022 Collection will be available for pre-order from 5/19 @ Midnight (JST)