Studio D'Artisan | The S/S 2022 Collection


Rewinding back a few weeks to early October, we had the opportunity to check out Studio D'Artisan's latest S/S collection for 2022. Suffice to say, the Osaka OG's have a stellar lineup of upcoming items, which we will be making available for pre-order from 11/2 ~ 11/10. 

Pre-order with confidence

Upon receiving the production lot from the factory, we will measure the item, and then send you the updated sizing. This will allow you to pre-order in confidence, and we will have the inventory to allow you to change your pre-ordered size, because your order will be treated as a priority before we launch the items for general release.

  • Studio D'Artisan 14oz. "Mount Fuji" Selvedge Jeans - $245

  • Studio D'Artisan 14oz. "Mount Fuji" Selvedge Jacket - $345

  • Studio D'Artisan "Mount Fuji" Indigo Tie-Dye Aloha Shirt - $245

  • Studio D'Artisan "Mount Fuji" Indigo Tie-Dye Tees - $165

"Mount Fuji"

Mount Fuji - Undeniably the most recognizable natural feature of Japan and one that continues to be the inspiration for artwork, poetry and literature within the country. A snow-capped dormant volcano surrounded by sleepy forests and clouds, "Fuji-san" as it is known in Japanese has always been a sight to behold by those who have traveled through the country and is revered by all those who have laid their eyes upon it.
Drawing inspiration from this fabled mountain the SDA fam have switched up the weft game for the Selvedge Jeans and Jacket to closely match the rocky face of Mount Fuji, opting for a Greige color weft. For the pocket bags and back pocket lining, a unique "Yamagata" pattern sashiko has been selected. Though unrelated to the prefecture of Yamagata, the pattern is evocative of mountain peaks stretching out to the horizon, driving home the Mount Fuji theme.

Just as iconic, the Indigo tie-dye shirts and tees feature "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" artwork from the "36 Views of Mount Fuji" as the main motif, with each shirt going through a hand tie-dyeing process to bring out variegated hues of Indigo throughout each piece.

  • Studio D'Artisan 14oz. "Amami Dorozome" Selvedge Jeans - $355

  • Studio D'Artisan 14oz. "Amami Dorozome" Selvedge Jacket - $398

  • Studio D'Artisan "Amami Dorozome" Western Shirt (Brown) - $245

  • Studio D'Artisan "Amami Dorozome" Western Shirt (Dark Brown) - $245

  • Studio D'Artisan "Amami Dorozome" Collarless Shirt (Brown) - $215

  • Studio D'Artisan "Amami Dorozome" Collarless Shirt (Dark Brown) - $215

  • Studio D'Artisan "Amami Dorozome" Tie-Dye Tee - $125

  • Studio D'Artisan "Amami Dorozome" Tie-Dye Tee - $125

"Amami Dorozome"

Back after a lengthy hiatus, SDA are back with their latest "Amami Dorozome" series featuring beautiful deep earthy tones, only achievable thanks to the handful of Shokunin (or artisans)that continue to employ the tedious dyeing process of Dorozome (mud dyeing in Japanese).
The art of Dorozome seeps deep into the history of the island of Amami-Oshima, a collection of islands north of Okinawa. Historically, the natural dye (derived from Sharimbai, or wood chips from the Japanese Hawthorne tree), was used to color natural silk, to be used in the production of Kimono.
Blending the function of natural dyes, artisanal craftsmanship and traditional Japanese dyeing methods, the Shokunin of the small island town of Amami-Oshima, have gone above and beyond in the dyeing of the yarns for each piece in this stellar collection.
  • Studio D'Artisan "Easterner" Jeans - $245

  • Studio D'Artisan Kakishibu Dyed "Easterner" Jeans - $245

  • Studio D'Artisan Sumi Dyed "Easterner" Jeans - $245

  • Studio D'Artisan Kakishibu Dyed "Easterner" Jacket - $285

  • Studio D'Artisan Sumi Dyed "Easterner" Jacket - $285

  • Studio D'Artisan Kakishibu Dyed Leather Belts - $165, $175


Celebrating Japan's rich culture of Kusaki-zome (plant-based dyed) garments, SDA come through with their latest "Easterner" Collection featuring Kakishibu and Sumi dyed Jeans, Jackets and Belts. The moniker "Easterner" pays homage to the popular 1950s "Westerner" Type Jeans which used a White Cotton Satin fabric base.
Kakishibu dye can almost be regarded as a living entity, in that it reacts to the surrounding environment and will age gracefully with extended wear. In particular, Kakishibu dye will react to UV rays and darken over time.
Traditionally, Sumi is produced from a combination of pinewood soot, animal glue and perfume. A common misconception is that the final product is a liquid, when in fact the ink is only the result of rubbing a solid ink 'stick' against an inkstone with water. Thus, the original production of ink sticks requires a painstaking process of thoroughly mixing the raw ingredients before kneading and shaping them in wooden molds. The aging process can take from a few months to several years. 

The Studio D'Artisan S/S 2022 Collection will be available for pre-order from 11/01 ~ 11/10 @ Midnight (JST)